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After School

KRK offers a variety of after-school options!

Wynn Kids `R` Kids offer after-school care for students ages 5-12 years of age.  When the children arrive to the center from school, they have an opportunity to take a deep breathe, enjoy a snack, and then start on their  homework. 

We provide transportation from elementary schools in our area.  Our schools include:

  • Seaborn Lee Elementary
  • Liberty Point Elementary
  • Stonewall Tell Elementary
  • C H Guallet Elementary
  • E.C. West Elementary
  • Renaissance Elementary
  • Feldwood Elementary
  • Campbell Elementary
  • Oakley Elementary

Throughout the school year, the local school systems have holidays and we offer school holiday fieldtrips and other all day learning activities for those students.  Wynn Kids `R` Kids follow the G.Y.M. Curriculum designed by Kids `R` Kids. 

Still in need of structure, guidance, love, and attention, they will experience a more student-led environment. The G.Y.M. Curriculum™ provides learning activities in all subject areas through a card system designed to be used in one of eight zones.  An abundance of activities are created and written on large index cards so the students can self-select activities, proceed to the appropriate zone, and work independently, with partners, or in small groups. Quality teachers constantly interact with the students, assisting with homework, supporting their achievements, challenging their thinking, and nourishing their minds and bodies with knowledge and healthy snacks.

The G.Y.M. Curriculum™ also allows for field trips, clubs, and independent student-selected projects. We want the big kids to feel relaxed after an academic-packed day at school but continue to experience success in a loving, hugged first, and then taught environment.

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